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I am an organizational consultant with a degree in industrial-organizational psychology passionate about creating healthier workplaces. I specialize in helping organizations, leaders, and employees focus on their well-being through research, evaluation, and strategy.

My drive to help others understand the importance of employee well-being and work engagement stems from a diagnosis that changed my personal and professional life forever. Because of this experience, I am working to foster healthier workplace cultures that emphasize the benefits of positive employee well-being and boost employee morale. 


Well-Being at Work

I provide a range of services for organizations, leaders, and employees centered around individual and team well-being.

Business Meeting


  • Public Speaking

  • Corporate Training

  • Digital Content Creator

  • Research Analytics

  • Project Management

Leaders & Employees

  • Career Coaching

  • Personal Development

  • Identity Branding

  • Leadership Management

  • Well-Being Education

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